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Outrageous: Dems Unhinged

There was no doubt that this government shutdown would bring out some of the more outrageous rhetoric in Washington. The Democrats haven't failed to disappoint.

Let's start with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. When asked yesterday about funding certain parts of the government such as the National Institutes of Health, Harry Reid was steadfast in his position that there would be no negotiations from his side of the aisle. But when pushed by CNN's Dana Bash to explain why he wouldn't vote for something that could help even one child with cancer, here was Harry's Reid's compassionate response:

“Why would we want to do that? I have 1,100 people at Nellis Air Force base that are sitting home. They have a few problems of their own. This is — to have someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing maybe means you’re irresponsible and reckless …”

Why would we want to do that? I can think of a few reasons! How would Harry or any of these Democrats feel if it was their own grandchild being effected? What happened to Democrats supposedly monopolizing the political position of compassion and love? And here I thought it was the Republicans who wanted to push granny off the cliff! How cold, how heartless. It's just sick that Harry Reid and his cohorts in Washington would be willing to inflict this kind of pain – kids with cancer! – for the sake of their own political expediency. This is partisanship at a despicable level. Even Van Jones agrees that Harry Reid handled this poorly.

Reid has since tried to explain away his comments. He blamed this on the “Cruz-led Republicans” who are simply cherry picking what to fund. Oh you mean like Barack Obama has cherry picked which parts of ObamaCare to implement, which parts get delayed and which aspects get to be altered? It's not illegal for Congress to cherry pick which parts of the government to fund; At least House Republicans are actually voting to fund the government, unlike the Democrats in the Senate. Just admit it Harry – You made a mistake when you made this comment and it demonstrated how truly unhinged the Democrats are in their unwavering commitment to refuse to compromise.

Harry Reid wasn't the only Democrat who has ruffled feathers with comments in Washington. Yesterday we had Democratic Rep. George Miller accuse Republicans on the House floor of waging “jihad.” Yes, you read that correctly. He basically compared Republicans to radical Islamic terrorists. Upset about how the shutdown would effect California's ability to address the wildfires are Yosemite National Park, Miller went on to rant:

“[The gentleman from California] was prepared to sacrifice the local economy, he was prepared to sacrifice the towns around Yosemite, when he was on the jihad against American citizens getting access to health care. He was fully prepared to sacrifice the parks, and the economy, and fire recovery.”

Jihad? Really? Is this the kind of rhetoric that we have stooped to in Washington? The fact remains that it is the Democrats who are refusing to fund the government unless they get their precious train wreck of ObamaCare.