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Outrageous: Farm Bill Rhetoric

Yesterday the Farm Bill was defeated by Republicans in the House. This has led to some interesting reaction from liberals and Democrats.

Let's start with Nancy Pelosi. At her press conference yesterday, Pelosi was upset with Republicans and their desire to cut funding for food stamps. Never mind the fact that spending on food stamps has literally DOUBLED since 2008, from $39 billion to $82 billion. That number is only expected to grow, even though we are supposedly in a “recovery.” Why? Well the Obama administration has spent millions of dollars promoting the use of food stamps, making access and information more readily available. The cultural stigma of receiving benefits from the government (for those who do not desperately need it) also seems to be wearing thin. It's as if people suddenly have a right to have their food costs subsidized by the government. And keep in mind that food stamps are supposed to be a supplement to the rest of your costs. You are not expected to live on food stamps but they are there to help those in need. But this didn't stop Nancy Pelosi from saying during her press conference yesterday that Republicans are “taking food out of the mouths of babies,” as reported by the Weekly Standard. Talk about hyperbole. This is coming from the same party that claims Republicans want dirty air and water, they want to push Granny over the cliff and they want children who are poor or disabled to fend for themselves. I guess we now have to add “depriving babies of food” to the list of evils that the Republicans are supporting.

Next we have Chris Hayes on MSNBC. The night before the Farm Bill was defeated, he was also upset that the Republicans wanted to cut funding for food stamps by $20 billion over 10 years. He went as far as to says that "yes, right wingers, people are going hungry in America. And the GOP's jihad on those in need gets uglier every single day." Does he even know what the word “jihad” really even means? I'd also like for him to name one Republican who advocates for Americans going hungry. There is a place for compassion and for the government to help those in need. Food stamps does help many families who are deserving, but it is also being exploited and promoted as a means to grow dependency on government. Also in that segment, Chris' Hayes' guest managed to make the battle over food stamps into a racial issue. MSNBC contributor Joy Reid said, “And remember, too, there's also an ethnic, sort of, tinge to it, too. They're trying to imply that all of these people are black and brown people when in fact, white women with kids are probably more prototypical of people who are being helped by this program than anyone else.” The race card is getting pretty old, don't you think?

One last point on this farm bill. Here's how the lapdog media at NBC News (Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, and Brooke Brower) reacted to the defeat of the bill:

The farm bill’s surprising defeat in the House yesterday was a stinging defeat for Speaker John Boehner and the GOP leadership, as well as another sign of the dysfunction on Capitol Hill. And the legislation’s defeat reminds us of some important lessons, especially when it comes to how the House might handle the immigration legislation the Senate is debating.

Again, this goes right back to what I've been saying for months and what I also said today in my article on immigration – There is a concerted effort by the part of Democrats (aided by the lapdog media) to paint Republicans as dysfunctional and the House as a dysfunctional body that is incapable of leading. They took this opportunity with the farm bill to do just that!