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Outrageous Government Spending

Our federal government has managed to come up with some pretty clever ways to spend your hard-earned tax dollars. Let me give you a few outrageous examples of government spending.

The National Science Foundation has awarded universities $748,000 to use virtual reality to help people understand what it feels like to be a cow. The idea is that experiencing a day in the life of a cow might make you less likely to eat meat. Virtual reality was also used to experience how chopping down trees might affect your paper usage.

Here's another: The Department of the Interior is moving ahead with plans to spend $1.9 billion to buy back land from individual Indians in order to help strengthen Indian communities.

Or how about $657,900 to study the evolution of cicadas?

Examples like this are virtually endless and they add up to be big bucks that could be better used in the households that actually earned that money.

(Taxpayer-funded research lets people experience what it feels like to be a cow)

(Gov’t Ready to Spend $1.9B to Buy Back Land for Indian Tribes)

($658K Federal Study Tests Hypotheses of Cicada Evolution)