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Outrageous: IRS Targets Conservatives!

The IRS issued a startling apology today, admitting the fact that it actively targeted conservative political groups in 2012 for additional review. When groups would apply for tax-exempt status, words like “tea party” or “patriot” would automatically be flagged for more intense scrutiny.

The head of the unit who oversees tax-exempt groups, Lois Lerner, says the practice began by “low-level workers in Cincinnati,” according to the AP. Apparently no high-level IRS officials were involved or knew it was happening.

Here's a headline from a Fox News report from February 2012: Numerous Tea Party chapters claim IRS attempts to sabotage nonprofit status. But in March 2012, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman told a House subcommittee that there was “absolutely no targeting.” Meanwhile, if you will recall, conservative groups that were complaining about such practices were cast aside as being paranoid or even conspiracy theorists.

Now we know the truth: Conservatives were, in fact, being targeted by the government. Unbelievable.