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Outrageous: Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has been on a roll lately. She's made not one, not two but three outrageous statements. I believe this speaks to the desperation lawmakers are feeling in Washington, knowing that Americans aren't too pleased, especially with the on-coming train wreck known as ObamaCare.

Pelosi told CNN over the weekend that Republican efforts to cut government spending are pointless. Pelosi says, “The cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make. It’s really important that people understand that.” She's got to be kidding, right? As the Washington Times points out, the federal budget has doubled over the last 12 years from $1.9 trillion to $3.8 trillion. Yet we can't cut any spending? Every day we read articles and hear stories of incredibly dumb examples of government waste – robot squirrels, turtle tunnels, you name it! Heritage Foundation expert Patrick Louis Knudsen recently went line-by-line through the federal budget and found $42 billion in unnecessary, poorly run, and duplicative federal government programs. But if you ask Nancy Pelosi, “The cupboard is bare.” She refers to Republicans who want to reduce spending as “legislative arsonists.” That's some pretty tough language, arsonists? I find it hard to believe that anybody from any political persuasion could not honestly look at our federal government and acknowledge that it is too big, too bloated and has grown far beyond the original intention of our framers. But then again, that would get in the way of liberal ideology, which relies on ever-increasing government to maintain ever-increasing power over you.

Another outrageous quote from Nancy Pelosi is in regards to the effort to defund ObamaCare. Pelosi says that those who want to defund ObamaCare want a government shutdown because “they're anti-government ideologues.” This is exactly the false, liberal spin that was to be expected. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that it is actually the Democrats who would put us in the position of shutting down the government by their unwillingness to negotiate in order to impose ObamaCare on the nation. I would like for Nancy Pelosi to name me one Republicans – just one! – who is advocating for a government shutdown or is “anti-government.”

Nancy Pelosi also referred to ObamaCare as “liberation” for the American people. You heard that correctly! When asked about union opposition to ObamaCare, particularly because of the breakdown of the 40-hour work week, Pelosi told CNN's Candy Crowley: “Overwhelmingly for the American people, this is a liberation, this is life, healthy life, liberty, the freedom to pursue your happiness, which could be follow your passion for good rather than follow your palate and be constrained by your policy. It’s about wellness, it’s about prevention, it’s about a healthier America.” I'd hardly classify ObamaCare as anything close to a liberation. It's difficult to equate more government with more freedom, and yet this is exactly what ObamaCare represents: More government. I'd also like for Nancy Pelosi to explain how families will be freer after being forced to endure price increases of over $7,000, as predicted here. Fewer choices and higher costs – No wonder she wanted us to pass the bill before we found out what's in it!