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Outrageous: ObamaCare Opponents Racist

Louisiana State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, the chair of the state Democratic Party, caused quite a stir when she took to the floor of the State Senate and declared that the reason people oppose ObamaCare is because Barack Obama is black. Here's a transcript of her comments, courtesy of Washington Free Beacon:

PETERSON: It shouldn’t be about this administration at the state level, nor should it be about the federal administration when it comes to Obamacare, but in fact it is. And why is that? Why is that? I have talked to so many members, both in the House and the Senate, and you know what? You ready? What it comes down to? It’s not about how many federal dollars we can receive. It’s not about that. You ready? It’s about race. No, nobody wants to talk about that. It’s about the race of this African American president, because this same thing has been offered by former Speaker Newt Gingrich in the past. Yeah, he had a similar bill to what Obama, President Obama has offered. Similar legislation was offered. It comes down to the race of the President of the United States, which causes people to disconnect and step away from the substance of the bill.

Isn't the race argument getting old by now? There are about 1,000 reasons to opposed ObamaCare and absolutely none of them have to do with the race of the president.

Anyway, when a local news organization tried to ask Ms. Peterson about her comments she literally ran away. She also did her best to avoid the various other requests to speak to the media about her remarks. So she's willing to make such assertions when she is speaking and nobody can interrupt her or question her, but then refuses to answer questions about her comments after the fact? Sounds like typical liberal behavior to me.