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Outrageous Spending in Senate CR

The Senate is debating the Continuing Resolution, which will fund our government through September 30th, the end of the fiscal year. It will spend over $1 trillion in federal tax dollars, but take a look at some of the things this resolution would fund:

$150 million for alternative fuel for the military at a price of $26 a gallon

$300,000 to promote caviar

$1.5 million for a NASA video game

$325,000 to build a robo-squirrel

$1 million to develop a menu for people traveling to Mars

$65 million for Pacific Coast salmon restoration for states including Nevada

After just debating sequestration and President Panic pushing this idea that $44 billion in spending cuts would lead to Armageddon, the idea of funding such projects seems absurd. Yet, by pointing out this wasteful spending during the debate over this continuing resolution, Senators John McCain and Tom Coburn were accused of stalling and keeping the Senate in “slow gear,” according to Harry Reid. Perhaps this “slow gear” is to blame for the Senate Democrats' lack of a budget in four years? Who is to blame for that?