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Outrageous Statement of the Day: Ellison

If you missed last night's Hannity, you missed fireworks in what some are calling an epic meltdown on the part of my guest Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison. It's too outrageous to describe, so I will let you watch it for yourself: VIDEO

Honestly, I am glad that the American people got to see this implosion. I think we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the Obama Democrats. What I hoped would have been a rational discussion about the big issues of our day – particularly Obama's ever-growing $6.6 trillion debt – turned into an unhinged rant about anything but the topic at hand. Liberals like Ellison and others are losing it, and it is highlighting the recklessness of the Democratic Party. To see him implode in such a way was almost comical, until you step back and realize the damaging effects a person like this can have in Washington. Ellison and the Democrats are in a position to literally rob from our children, or at least bare witness to the robbing while doing nothing to stop it. I think that Americans are starting to realize that the Democrats are not serious about getting our country back on track and solving the looming issues that could spell the downfall of America if not tackled.

This is the same man who, earlier in the day, called for the debt clock on Capitol Hill to be removed. Seriously! During a House Financial Services Committee hearing Tuesday on the budget, Keith Ellison along with Maxine Waters complained that displaying the debt clock was nothing but a “prop designed to message ideologically.” There is nothing ideological about our growing debt. It's a fact. It is math. It is also real money that our children will one day have to pay back. Every man, woman and child in this country now owes $53,000 in federal debt. That doesn't even count the unfunded liabilities, which pushes that debt to nearly $400,000 for every man, woman and child in America.

If Ellison and Waters are so outraged by “props,” how come they haven't voiced complaints over the President's use of props during his various speeches? Just last week he stood on stage with first responders, using them as props in his fear-mongering parade on the sequestration. Earlier in the year, he used children as props to discuss gun control. I suppose props are appropriate only when Democrats deem them convenient and it is pushing their own ideology.

By the way, their solution was to not display the debt clock during Democratic time. I guess they couldn't stand to be reminded of their failures as they discuss the budget in Washington – 1400 days and counting without a budget.