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Outrageous Statement of the Day: Matthews

This week in particular, I have expressed outrage and frustration over what I see as a hypocritical and concerted effort to stifle the voices of conservative African Americans. While this is nothing new for the Left, the effort has been ratcheted up in recent weeks as Dr. Benjamin Carson becomes a more prominent voice for conservative values. I just want you to consider this question: Do African American conservatives truly have freedom speech in this nation? It seems as though they are unable to discuss their conservative values without being demonized and called some of the most horrendous names in the book. While critics, too, have a right to free speech, there is a deafening echo of silence among civil rights leaders and others to defend them from these attacks.

Earlier in the week, Chris Matthews decided that he wanted to redefine the word “racism” to fit in with his agenda. In a discussion over the controversial remarks made by Obama's Easter Sunday pastor, Matthews declared that racism means: When one race, whites, should rule all others. That's a far cry from the definition I know (from the dictionary) which says that racism is the belief in the inherent superiority of one race over another. It (unfortunately) exists among all races. But liberals like Chris Matthews would like you to believe that it is exclusive only to whites, because this allows him and his network to continue preaching their race-laden agenda.

Matthews expanded his ranting to another minority yesterday: Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who is Cuban. This is not the first time that Chris Matthews has targeted Ted Cruz; Earlier in the year he referred to him as the new Joe McCarthy. But this time, Matthews attempted to link Ted Cruz to the prosecutor shootings in Texas. Here's the transcript, via Newsbusters:

Chris Matthews: “In Texas, two prosecutors were killed, a third has now pulled out of a case against the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas for, quote, 'security reasons.'

So, we have people using guns to settle their disputes with public officials, using their Second Amendment remedies. Don't like the sound of this? Think it's an overstatement? Well, there come times when overstatement becomes the truth out there. We've got a Texas senator, Ted Cruz, who won't let the Senate hold a democratic vote on gun safety. So, no democracy. We've got people out there using guns to get even with public officials, intimidating those they don't kill. This is where we are with guns in this country. Second Amendment remedies being executed on public officials. Refusal by some elected officials to let us have a democratic vote on what to do about it. And this is where we live in April of 2013.”

Um, is Chris Matthews aware that it is illegal to murder someone with or without a gun? The Second Amendment protects your right to keep and bear arms, it does not say that you can use those arms to go and murder people. Is he reading a different version of the Constitution? I'm sure Ted Cruz, a former Constitutional law professor, does not interpret the Second Amendment to justify such killings and the implication on the part of Chris Matthews is down-right outrageous.