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Outrageous Statement of the Day: State of Union

Today's outrageous statement is not so much a statement, but a speech: Obama's State of the Union address last night. It was outrageous for two main reasons: Some of the claims and promises he made were completely inaccurate or implausible, and because he failed to address the true state of our Union.

The purpose of this speech is to address our state of the Union. Did Obama really accomplish this?

Did he adequately address unemployment, which is the most pressing issue for most Americans?

Did he mention that there are 4 million fewer Americans working today that when he took office?

Did he mention the fact that the labor participation rate is at an all-time low?

Did he mention the fact that our GDP growth was so pathetic during his first term, that if you doubled the amount of economic growth, it would still be the worst we've experienced in 60 years?

Did he mention the fact that the unemployment rate for black Americans and women is actually higher than when he took office?

No, he didn't mention any of these things, which arguably paint a more accurate picture of what Americans are really experiencing. Instead, Obama addressed the State of his Democrat Utopian Union.

What is boils down to is this: While claiming that government isn't always the solution, his entire speech was filled with more government programs and more spending … all of which is is supposedly not going to add one dime to the deficit. The Wall Street Journal has a great breakdown of the different government solutions Obama proposed, after saying that the “American people don't expect government to solve every problem.”

Not enough job creation? Have the feds set up 15 new "manufacturing hubs" where business can get government advice.

Decaying public works? How about a "Fix-It-First" plan to pay the unemployed to repair roads and bridges? Thus do the "shovel-ready" stimulus projects of the first term become the "most urgent repairs" of the second.

Lousy K-12 results? Have the feds finance pre-school for "every child in America." A government study only recently found that any benefits from the current pre-school program, Head Start, wear off by third grade. But he'd still make it a universal entitlement.

Not enough money to subsidize electric cars or more Solyndras? Create a new Energy Security Trust, funded by taxing oil and gas companies.

Not all women earn as much money on average as men? Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act so government can unleash the trial lawyers to enforce equal pay.

Climate change? Congress must "soon" pass the Lieberman-McCain version of cap and trade that couldn't pass the Democratic Senate in 2010, or he'll unleash his regulators at the EPA.

Stagnant wage growth? Raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour and index it for inflation. But if a higher minimum wage can conjure middle-class prosperity, why not make it $20 an hour—or $50?

Some estimate that Obama proposed 29 new government programs last night, all of which will magically not increase our deficit. How is this possible? It's not. Even if Republicans cave on Obama's plan for “tax reform” – reducing loopholes and deductions for wealthy Americans and industries Democrats don't like – we still don't have enough to cover our cumulative deficits, much less add any new programs to the mix. Michael Tanner in The National Review has the details:

“The president’s favored plan — to cap deductions for couples earning more than $250,000 per year — does somewhat better, generating an additional $584 billion over ten years. On the other hand, that’s less than 10 percent of the cumulative $6.3 trillion in deficits expected over that period.”

Even our own Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf explained “that even if Congress balanced the budget with tax increases, the deficit would still continue to grow over the coming years because federal spending will outpace economic growth.”

What we heard last night is what has become so typical for President Obama: He throws a bone to conservatives, talking the talk of smaller government and individual responsibility. But when you actually look at his policies and proposals, they say the complete opposite.