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Pawlenty: "My record is unparalleled"

Former Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty, who served as the State’s 39th Governor from 2003-2011 now has his sights set on the White House and is putting up a good fight for the 2012 Presidential Race.

Sean notes that recent Quinnipiac polls show Obama is at his lowest approval ratings and that Republicans have a good chance of taking over the White House in next year’s election. Governor Pawlenty feels he is the one candidate who can appeal to the whole field of voters while others primarily appeal to one group. Seans asks how he can unify the Conservative movement and what distinguishes him from the rest.

“I grew up in a blue collar meatpacking town, my dad was a truck driver, my mom died when I was young,” and that the American Dream is “not just a concept or a throw away line, it was my life.”

The Governor says he has three important characteristics that put him above the rest to serve the highest political office: his life story, his record and the fortitude to do it.

Listen as he tells Sean his thoughts on Obamacare, Social Security, abortion, gay marriage and what is his biggest political regret.