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Pence: “We need to change the status quo runaway spending”

What is going on in our nation’s capitol? Politicians are so incapable of working together and getting anything done they are actually threatening to shut government down?

U.S. Representative Mike Pence (R-IN) gives us some insider info as to what the heck is going on. Pence laments that the “typical political games that get played by the establishment in DC” is to blame, “there is no deal, there’s no agreement on numbers. We’re in the fight and we’re demanding they step up and embrace our commitment to take spending to pre-stimulus levels.”

Sean questions if Republicans fear that they will be blamed for the government shutdown, even when Sen Chuck Schumer was caught on tape saying “Boehner’s in a box. But if he supports the tea party there’s inevitably going to be a shut-down” and Howard Dean was on tape saying he was “quietly rooting for a shutdown cause I know who’s gonna get blamed.”

Pence believes that even though a 61 billion cut is not enough, “the sixty-one billion dollar fight matters because it will set the stage for the bigger battles that lie ahead,” that “it’s a defining moment…this is a moment where Republicans have to take a stand and demonstrate the courage of our convictions. If Lib’s want to play political games and shut down the government then I say shut it down!”