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It might become the most famous punctuation mark in history: Obama's promise of “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. Period.” Usually the period designates the finality of a thought. Unfortunately the thought preceding it was a lie and that period should look more like an asterisks.

This president just doesn't get it. The American people are sick of being lied to. We deserve better than this. Yet now the president is outrageously trying to change history. He's now claiming that his promise (which he publicly made at least 29 times) really was that you could keep your plan “if it hasn't changed since the law is passed.” We've got the tapes. In the digital age of the internet and YouTube and television, it's not very difficult to point out that he is simply lying. If that's what he meant to say, then he didn't say it. He misled us. He lied to us.

The president and his team do not want us to focus on the lie, and instead they are trying to shift the focus to “better coverage.” This also angers many Americans who detest the idea that government knows what is “best” for them and their families. Obama says that people are losing coverage because insurance companies are now forced to improve their standards and make their plans “better.” Barack Obama and the bureaucrats in Washington have decided that they are the ones who get to determine which healthcare plans are “better” for you. Washington gets to decide that. You don't.

Obama isn't the only one pushing this line. Nancy Pelosi is also using this “better” line. Let's take a look at this quote by Nancy Pelosi:

"All of the implementation has gone very well, there's a glitch in the technology... They're saying he said one thing and not the other. The president said, 'if you like your plan, you can keep it.' For 95% of the American people who have health insurance, that is the case. For a small number in the private market, they will do better because of the Patient's Bill of Rights that is built into our legislation -- no preexisting conditions, no lifetime limits, no copay, all the rest of that for certain people. So, they will do better. That's 95% of people who have health insurance, have it through their employer, through Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration. So, we're just talking about 5% -- significant, but nonetheless largely will do better."

First of all, the fact that Pelosi thinks implementation has gone “very well” should discredit anything that comes out of her mouth after that. We're well beyond glitches, Nancy. But notice how she is downplaying, referencing “a small number in the private market place” who will do better. She, like many liberals, is also focused on the fact that this is only affecting 5% of Americans. But let's pause here for a moment to consider what's next.

The Obama administration delayed the employer mandate by one year. This means that we have yet to truly see how Obamacare will effect the millions of other Americans who have their health insurance through their employer. We now know that the administration knew that millions of people would be losing their current insurance. Will anyone in the Obama-mania media bother to ask what they know about the effect on current plans once the employer mandate goes into effect? Perhaps they are aware that this will cause huge shock waves throughout the nation, and this is why they ultimately decided to delay it. Perhaps they thought that people who initially be able to handle the numbers effected by the individual mandate, but would be overwhelmed if the employer mandate rolled out at the same time. The Heritage Foundation points to “a recent survey from consultants at Mercer which found that half of large employers believe Obamacare will raise health costs by at least 2 percent next year.” Companies aren't just going to eat those costs, they are going to adjust and that will ultimately impact employees and customers.

Beyond the employer mandate, there is also the issue of doctor shortages to anticipate. CBS New York reports, “Right now, there is already a shortage of 20,000 doctors nationwide, and with healthcare expansion, plus increasing population, there will be a need for about 52,000 primary care doctors by 2025.” As more people enter into the marketplace and seek treatment, more doctors are bailing. That can only mean one thing: declining care and longer wait times.

The worst may be yet to come. Unfortunately for the Democrats, whatever potential bombshell may be looming as the employer mandate arrives, it will come right as Americans are gearing up for the 2014 election. But don't worry, Democrats have geared up to blame everyone else except themselves for this boondoggle. There's a report of a Democrat strategist who is baffled as to why Democrats aren't focusing the blame more on insurance companies, because “they are a fantastic enemy in this.” When it comes to failures associated with the website, that one is easy: blame the developers and blame “software code.” How we argue with that?

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