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Phony Scandals, False Crisis

Every weekend, the Obama administration picks someone to go on the Sunday talk shows and spin the narrative. Some people are better at this than others – remember Dan Pfeiffer's “the law is irrelevant” fiasco a few months ago? This weekend, the chosen propagandist was none other than Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. His appearances made headlines for a few reasons.

Lew told George Stephanopoulos that Republicans should avoid “false crisis” in reference to the upcoming budget battle. Notice that anything the Republicans try to do is being painted by this administration as “phony” or “false.” That must mean that it is the Democrats who are focused on the real issues, right? Well there is nothing fake about the negative impact ObamaCare is already having on our economy and will have once it is fully implemented. This is what Lew is referring to as a “false crisis” – The Republicans using the power of the purse to defund ObamaCare, yet fund the rest of the government. It is possible that the Democrats' insistence on funding ObamaCare could lead to a government shutdown. Make no mistake – We didn't have to be in this position of continuing resolutions, but when was the last time the Democrat-led Senate even passed a budget? Yeah, I didn't think so … so it is because of the Democrats that we are stuck with these re-occurring continuing resolutions. Republicans are playing the game by the cards with which they were dealt. The long-term impact of ObamaCare won't be fake to millions who lose their current health insurance, lose their jobs or their hours, and to individuals and businesses trying to make ends meet.

But when you have the Secretary of the Treasury sitting in front of you on national television, what do you think is one of the questions you should ask him? Think about what has been going on lately ... a huge, giant scandal involving his own people … maybe, I don't know, the IRS targeting of conservative groups? Oh wait, the administration now wants us to believe that this is nothing more than a “phony scandal.” I guess the lapdog media got the memo. According to Newsbusters, of the four Sunday shows, two didn't even bother to ask the Treasury Secretary about the IRS scandal! ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and CNN’s Candy Crowley apparently didn't think that Jack Lew would be a pertinent person to ask in regards to the latest in the investigation into his own IRS. NBC's David Gregory managed to squeeze in a question at the very end with no time for follow-up, which essentially means that he gave Lew a platform to say his talking point and not be questioned. The only host to actually ask the Treasury Secretary about the investigation into his own IRS was Fox News' Chris Wallace. The interview received a lot of attention and for good reason. Wallace pressed Lew to go beyond the talking points and Lew refused to answer a pretty astounding question: Has Obama's appointed IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins been asked about his involvement in the IRS targeting of conservatives? If you'll recall, recent testimony by Carter Hull brought the requests for enhanced scrutiny to the office of the Chief Counsel. Yet nobody has bothered to even ask the guy about his role? Sometimes media bias isn't just in how you report something but in what you choose to ignore. By not asking about these things, the media is playing right into the administration's hands.

I'm not sure that Lew can claim the evidence isn't there when we just established the fact that Wilkins hasn't even been asked about it! Then we had Barack Obama over the weekend in his weekly address:

“Reversing these trends must be Washington’s highest priority. It sure is mine. But over the past couple of years in particular, Washington has taken its eye off the ball. An endless parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals shift focus from what needs to be done.”

You mean like when the president took his eye off the economic ball and decided to focus on healthcare, gay marriage, immigration, gun control, climate change, Trayvon Martin, sequestration? It's kind of hard to take Obama seriously when he's the one complaining about an endless parade of distractions. That's all this administration has been: A bunch of liberal distractions. Meanwhile our economy suffers because he simply doesn't know how to grow it, but he sure does know how to blame it on others!