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Phony scandals

Barack Obama and Jay Carney are desperately trying to change the narrative. Over the last few days, we've seen this phrase repeated over and over again: “Phony scandals.”

I suppose the administration believes that if they say it enough, the media will pick up on it and repeat it, and eventually low-information voters will believe it to be true. Though, this assumes that the media is even covering these ongoing to scandals to begin with. As the Media Research Center has pointed out, CNN has barely covered any of the latest news on the IRS scandal, which has brought the scandal all the way up to the Chief Counsel's office (an Obama appointee).

But I find this idea of these scandals being “phony” to be insulting. It is especially insulting to the victims and those effected by these scandals. Would Barack Obama like to explain the “phoniness” to the friends and family of the four brave men who lost their lives in Benghazi or those who remain in the hospital? Or how about the Tea Party groups that are still waiting to achieve their tax exempt status … what's so “phony” about their predicament?

What Obama, Jay Carney and many Democrats fail to understand is that these scandals DO matter to a lot of people. But even to those people who are not directly effected by these scandals, they matter as well. Why? Well Obama would now like us to focus on the economy. But how can we take Obama seriously on any issue, including the economy, if he lacks credibility? That's the key, and that's what Obama and his yes-men don't want to admit. The polling numbers reflect the fact that the American people have lost confidence in Barack Obama. He no longer carries as much credibility with people because of these scandals. Only a liberal trying to spin the facts will try to convince you that these scandals were manufactured. They were not. These are real issues effecting real people and ultimately reflecting poorly on the man in charge (Obama). The credibility factor is why we cannot ignore these scandals and simply “re-focus” on other issues like the economy.

None of us from any side of the political spectrum excepted these scandals, but to simply ignore them does a disservice to many. Getting to the bottom of these scandals is not something that is being pushed because of a partisan ideology but because the American people deserve it. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the American people need it in order to restore faith and trust in our institutions and leaders in Washington.

By the way, Breitbart as a list of the top 10 signs that these scandals aren't “phony.”