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Planned Parenthood: Unethical Counseling

A new controversy erupted this week when the pro-life group Live Action released a video taken with a hidden camera at a Planned Parenthood in Texas. The video showed a woman posing as pregnant asking for advice on how to get an abortion, making it clear that she only wanted one if the gender of the fetus was a girl. The Planned Parenthood counselor then advised her on how to get an ultrasound to find out the sex and then a late-term abortion. Planned Parenthood stated that the video was a “hoax” but did fire the counselor in the video.

Although Planned Parenthood has denied that these practices take place at their federally funded clinics, this is not the first time they and other similar groups have been exposed for engaging in outrageous activities. While this particular counselor has been fired, Sean argues that it remains unknown how many others like her continue to engage in these radical “China-like” practices undetected. Especially after unacceptable behavior like this has been revealed, Sean argues that there is no basis for having $487 million in federal funding going to Planned Parenthood, when this group engages in work that goes against the deeply-held religious beliefs of many Americans.

In the midst of this, Congress has decided to move forward with plans to introduce a bill that would ban gender-selective abortions and revoke federal funding from clinics that violated this measure. As Sean pointed out on his television and radio shows, it would seem that liberals should be in favor of this bill, as it would prevent gender-discrimination practices that they claim to be so passionately against. However, Democrats in their desperate attempts to ensure the continued funneling of federal money to Planned Parenthood at any cost have come out against this bill, arguing that it would place an unfair burden on doctors.

Sean believes the country is moving more to the right on the issue of abortion, therefore it is enraging that our government should violate the religious freedom of these Americans by using tax dollars to fund an organization like Planned Parenthood that engages in these arguably controversial actions.

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