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Political Correctness: Ban the Easter Bunny

We have an elementary school in Alabama that has apparently banned the word “Easter.” The school is going to host an egg hunt, but you can't call the eggs “Easter eggs.” Why? For the sake of religious diversity. Seriously! Apparently just mentioning the word “Easter” is somehow offensive to other religions, and therefore should not be allowed in our schools.

What is happening in this country where these types of politically correct policies are prevailing? Every year around Christmas time, kids in schools are in no way allowed to celebrate Christmas or, heaven-forbid, Jesus. Instead, they have “winter” holidays where they can talk about snow and snowmen.

I would like to say that the level of religious intolerance in this country has become absurd, but that's not entirely accurate; It's a level of Christian intolerance, which has become all too normal in our present society. Just take a look at the recent case down in Florida where a professor had students stop on the word “Jesus.” After one student refused to participate in the exercise, he was promptly banned from the classroom and charged with violating the student code of conduct. The university has since apologized and even the governor of Florida has gotten involved, but why on Earth would someone think that this was OK to begin with? I dare say that had this lesson involved a different faith, let's say Islam, and students were told to stomp on the word “Muhammed,” there would be international outrage. Instead, liberals have remained silent on this stopping of Jesus issue because it does not feed into their progressive agenda. I would argue that there is a double standard.

Liberals will often site the “separation of church and state” as the reason why we can't say words like “Easter” or “Christmas” in schools. But they have a warped interpretation of this phrase (which doesn't appear in the Constitution, by the way). This is referring to the establishment of religion; It doesn't mean that we can't talk about religion in government-run schools.

Christians and Christianity has become a punching bag for liberals, and their political correctness is affecting even our youngest Americans.