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Real Housewives of NJ fundraiser and premiere party

Monday night some amazing Stop Child Trafficking Now (SCTNow) volunteers, staffers and I headed out to The Brownstone House in Paterson, NJ for an exciting Season 3 premiere party for the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

PHOTOS: View pictures from the event!

Caroline Manzo has supported our cause since one of our devoted volunteers tweeted her last summer about child trafficking. Caroline Manzo not only tweets on her own, this woman reads and responds to her fans!

Everytime Caroline took the mic on Monday to speak to hundreds of fans gathered she mentioned SCTNow. Proceeds from ticket sales to the premiere party are going to SCTNow and the Wounded Warrior foundation.

One of the reasons I love Caroline Manzo is she reminds me of the woman I love the most, my mom. When you watch “Real Housewives of New Jersey” you see that Caroline, despite having a successful tv show and a blessed lifestyle, is a normal mom. She is excited and sad about her kids growing up and leaving the nest. She is independent and supportive of her husband. She is smart, savvy and a hard worker. She is the average American mom.

Caroline is using her fame for good. We on the SCTNow team are honored to have her on our side!

Please be sure to check out SCTNow and tell Caroline thanks for being a “Great American.”

Elisha Krauss is the Senior Producer of the Sean Hannity Show – You can follow her on twitter here.