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Republicans and Democrats Play Chicken With Lame Duck

With little progress on any of the must-pass provisions for the lame-duck session of Congress, Republicans are preparing for a showdown over the still-swollen agenda.
FOX has obtained a letter being circulated to Senate Republicans that calls for a filibuster blockade of any legislation not directly related to time-sensitive votes on taxes and spending.
All 42 Republican senators have signed on to the plan, which would effectively end Democratic hopes to push through controversial measures like allowing gays in the military to express their sexualities and offering amnesty to illegal immigrants who attend college or volunteer for the military.

But, Senate Republican aides say they are confident that the message is getting through in their caucus.

"We are now less than a month away from a huge across-the-board tax increase for every American and just days away from running out of operating funds for the federal government," one aide told Power Play. "It doesn't seem unreasonable to insist that Democrats focus on those things instead of the remaining items on their failed liberal agenda."

So far, the only noteworthy pieces of legislation to pass have been a reorganization of the Food and Drug Administration and a $4.55 billion payout for black farmers and would-be farmers and American Indians who claim discrimination in federal funding.

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