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RNC takes a stand

The Republican National Committee has been meeting this week in Boston for its annual summer meeting. Earlier today, they voted on the issue of primary debates.

You’ll remember that NBC and CNN both announced their intentions to produce a mini-series and a documentary on Hillary Clinton. This upset a lot of Republicans, seeing it as nothing short of blatant media bias in the lead up to the 2016 election. So this morning, the RNC voted in favor of boycotting presidential primary debates hosted by NBC and CNN.

Good for them. It’s time that Republicans showed their willingness to fight. It’s too bad that they cannot unite and fight on issues that are far more pressing like the effort to defund ObamaCare. But the Republicans, for too long, have reluctantly played along with the liberal media and perpetually seen themselves become the victim of their bias.

By the way, this is no coincidence that these networks want to produce these pieces on Hillary Clinton. As far as many are concerned, the 2016 Democrat presidential nominee has been anointed: Hillary Clinton is the future and the rest might as well go home. At least that is how it feels lately. Whether or not that is a wise idea for the Democrats is their problem, but the media wants to have its hand on shaping the 2016 election. Their power was demonstrated in 2008 when they managed to get Barack Obama elected and it was reasserted in 2012 when, despite Obama’s many failings, they managed to do it again. That kind of power isn’t going to die quietly.