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Romney: Obama playing "chicken" with the US economy

Former Massachusetts Governor and potential Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has formed an exploratory committee but has not yet announced his candidacy. Most polls show him as one of the clear front-runners of the GOP potentials.

Romney immediately gives his intentions by stating “this president is playing chicken with the US economy. I’m looking at this race because I have a 25 year career in the private sector I know how jobs come and how they go and I want to create for jobs for the American people and get our economy back on track.”

When asked what he thought of the budget deal struck at the last minute to not shut down the government, he said “step by step we’ll have as much spending reduction and budget reduction as possible.” But for now Obama “needs to stop putting out ‘pseudo cures.”

Sean brings up Obamacare and the healthcare plan Romney helped to pass in Massachusetts. “I think this is going to be a big campaign issue. People always bring up the issue of the healthcare plan you passed in Massachusetts…the president has even gone as far as to say I modeled this after Mitt Romney. If you get the nomination and Obama says you’re the architect of Obamacare how do you answer that?”

A confident Romney replies “I’d love to have the opportunity because I’d turn to him and say ‘OK Mr. President then why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you pick up the phone and say Mitt you carried out an experiment in Massachusetts and some of it worked well and some of it didn’t …’ Because I’d a told him Obamacare would be trillions of dollars of new spending in a government that can afford it right now, that it’s gonna make a mess of the U.S. healthcare system, that it’s bad policy, that it’s unconstitutional and the American people in the final analysis are going to reject it.”

Sean then turns to foreign policy. Romney says the “Lack of foreign policy by this president has an enormous cost…right now with the Middle East in turmoil, Egypt, Libya, Syria...for this president not to know which way to hit is frightening and dangerous… It’s almost as if he does not have a compass.”

Lastly Romney gives us insight into the most important lesson he learned for his last presidential run and what he plans on doing differently if he runs again in 2012.