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Rubio and Rand Party?

The mainstream media is finally catching on to something that I've said for a while: The Republican Party has some new, rising stars whom I see as being the future of the Party. Among those are Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. I would also put Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in that category as well. Here are two headlines from yesterday:

Politico: It's the Rubio and Rand Party, now

NYDaily News: The men who can save the GOP: Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are the future

Marco Rubio tells the Politico: “I don’t know when has the excitement in the Republican Party been in Washington. The great reforms … have always come from outside the building. We have allowed conservatism to be hijacked by crony capitalism, by corporate welfare, by things that are not conservatism. We’ve also allowed conservatism, by our opponents, to be defined to indifference to the plight of others.” He is absolutely right about allowing conservatism to be hijacked. Conservatives can win if they stay on message and promote freedom and opportunity, through the policies of limited government, energy independence, balanced budgets and limited regulations.

What I do fear with the Obama-mania media picking up on these rising GOP stars is that the story becomes too much about some sort of divide within the Republican Party – between the old and the new, the establishment and the young guns. While this is certainly a point to be acknowledged, the real story should be about the solutions these young conservatives are offering and how they can help foster meaningful debate in Washington and get this country back on track toward prosperity, freedom and opportunity.