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Rubio blasts $9M ObamaCare advertising campaign

We have more news today on the ObamaCare front.

Senator Marco Rubio is outraged over a proposed $8.7 million TV advertising campaign to promote ObamaCare in the lead up to the launch of the exchanges in October.

He called such spending “unconscionable,” considering the uncertainty of ObamaCare. He wants the Department of Health and Human Services to stop the spending.

We also have a local news report from Green Bay, Wisconsin which says that health care premium costs could increase up to 125% because of ObamaCare. That's according to the state's office of the commissioner of insurance.

This echos a similar finding from an Independent National Journal analysis which finds that premium costs will be higher under ObamaCare as employers drop coverage for workers. So much for lowering costs by $2,500 or “if you like your health insurance, you can keep it!”

Source: Fox News/Weekly Standard