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Scandals Abound

When the lead story on the Politico is “How Not to Handle a Scandal,” you know that this administration is in some serious hot water. When you've got liberals like Keith Olbermann tweeting about the overreach of this administration, you know you've got problems. When Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post is outraged by the Obama administration, it also points to serious trouble for this administration.

Recent polling shows that the Obama administration's swirling scandals, and their subsequent handling of the scandals, hasn't sat well with the public.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll released today found that 56% of Americans believe that the IRS targeting of conservative groups was deliberate. A plurality of Americans feel the administration isn't being forthcoming with the facts: 45% feel the administration is trying to cover up facts.

The same Washington Post/ABC News poll found that 55% of Americans believe the Obama administration is actively attempting to cover up the facts related to the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

Amazingly enough, the same poll finds that Obama's approval rating remains unchanged with 51% of Americans approving of his job performance. A similar CNN poll found the same thing. How is this possible? Either Americans will forever disassociate Obama with anything happening in Washington or his ratings will slowly erode over time. If the lapdog media continues to investigate and report on these scandals, I think that the American public will eventually connect the dots and Obama's approval will ultimately slide. But that is a big, giant “if.” The fact is that we've already seen two things happening:

- The media has done its job of playing up the administration's narrative that Obama was “in the dark” on all of these issues. For example, we now know that Obama's Chief of Staff and the White House Chief Council were both aware of the IRS targeting story. Yet, apparently they didn't tell Obama. How convenient. The Department of Justice is targeting journalists, going through their private emails, secretly pulling their phone records and tracking their movements. The White House had no knowledge of any of this. If you have questions, ask the Justice Department. How convenient. Where was Obama on the night of September 11, 2012 when terrorist attacked our diplomatic facility in Benghazi and killed four Americans? That's “irrelevant.” What hand did Obama play in the two stand-down orders? Not his problem. Who came up with the YouTube video lie? Whoever it was, Obama played no part. Are you starting to get the picture? The administration has done a fantastic job of making it seem that Obama is completely outside the realm of any of the important issues, therefore protecting him from any culpability. What they don't realize is that in the process, they erode his credibility and call into question: So what exactly does Obama know and do? I guess no president was ever impeached for sheer incompetence, and that seems to be what we have on our hands.

- The other thing the media can do, and has already begun to do, is simply not cover these scandals. For example, Newsbusters did an analysis of CNN's coverage from yesterday. Here's the bottom line: “From 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. ET on Monday, CNN spent about as much time on Obama's "triple trouble" of controversy as it did on Saturday's Powerball-winning ticket.” I doubt CNN will be alone in this trend before long.

The fact is that these scandal warrant continuous coverage because, despite what the Obama administration may desire, they are far from over. With each day, these scandals continue to evolve. Here are just some of the updates over the last day:

Three Fox staffers, two reporters and one producer, were targeted by Justice Department

CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson's computers compromised

Watchdog report says DOJ official retaliated against ‘Furious’ whistle-blower, lied about it

Ex-Diplomats Report New Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info Devastating to Clinton and Obama

IRS went after 83-year-old Tea Party granny

IRS targeted conservative college interns

Miller was aware of tea party targeting before telling senators there was none

I mean, it's difficult to keep up with the pace in which we learn more and more about these scandals. We will continue to do so, even if the lapdog media won't.