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Sean disagrees with Obama's vacation plans

Sean kicked off his President’s Day show criticizing First Lady Michelle Obama’s decision to vacation in Aspen Colorado. “They couldn’t coordinate travel times so we have to pay for all of this,” began Hannity, “This seems, from a purely political view, that this is out of touch.” Sean continued, “It’s been a month since the President vetoed the Keystone Pipeline and now we have predictions that the price of gas will pass an all-time high in just two months.”

To Sean’s point, it seems that First Lady Obama is not concerned with the costs of travel and, as the Aspen Daily News has reported, she is spending the holiday weekend with Jim and Paula Crown, owners of several ski resorts in the area.

“I don’t begrudge the First Family a vacation,” finished Hannity, “President Bush mostly vacationed at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, I don’t remember this much luxury.”

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