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Sean: "Grief beyond measure"

"I never stop thinking about the program and how I want to express myself," a solemn Sean said Monday after having spent most of the weekend reflecting on the shootings in
Newtown, CT.

"Before we get into some of the other aspects of the shooting...there are not words that have been invented, ever written, that can relieve the overwhelming pain and sorrow that the families of these victims are now feeling. That will stay with them all the rest of their lives. They will heal somewhat, but I don't think they will ever fully recover. You are talking about grief beyond measure," said Sean. "The lives of these families will never be the same again. To lose someone you love is heartbreaking. To lose a child must be to experience something that is as horrible as a person can imagine."

Sean then shared a story about his childhood that he had never spoken about on the air. "I had a sister who died a crib death that I didn't find out about until I was in my twenties. Nobody ever talked about it. Because apparently my parents couldn't talk about it. They never said anything. So losing a child is just something you can't imagine, especially in this violent way. It's beyond comprehension. It's unmitigated,
undiluted, unbelievable evil. I don't want to lose sight of what those families are going through during the course of the program," Sean explained.

"It's important that we pray for them - in a real and focused way - that God may bestow upon them his tender mercy and help preserve those cherished memories of those who were taken from them.
Hopefully, some how, some way, they will find some measure of comfort, grace and hope that they will be united with their children and their spouses again."