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Sean: Perspective is important

“I know because I spoke to a lot of people who are upset,” began Hannity, “The numbers show that we’re a divided nation, almost split right down the middle, but it takes grit, determination and resolve to look inward to see what you can do differently or better.” Hannity continued, “You can’t lose an election like yesterday and not be concerned but that’s not panic, this is a moment of reflection and the reality is that America is changing.”

Sean spent the first hour breaking down the numbers and trying to explain how President Obama won. In the end, he used the analogy, “There are some parents who are very permissive, allowing their kids to watch all the TV they want and there is a certain appeal to that parent who’ll give you everything you want and there’s a certain lack of hipness from the parent who says you need to eat your broccoli or you need to reform Medicare.”

“America is not t he center-right country that it once was,” concluded Hannity, “There was a moment in time when Winston Churchill, who was viewed as a bit of a nut but eventually England turned to him in their moment of need so we need to recognize the ebb and flow of the political tides and we should all have a little perspective.”

Though the results were clearly disappointing for many, including Sean, his opening monologue to today’s show was a real reminder that the work isn’t over and the fight will continue.