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Sebelius in the Hot Seat

For weeks now, we have been juggling three major scandals related to this administration: The IRS targeting of conservative groups, Benghazi and the DOJ targeting of journalists. But we've also been keeping our eye on another scandal that is heating up.

According to the Washington Times, “Senior Republican senators on Thursday asked the Health and Human Services’ inspector general to investigate Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ fundraising drive to promote the new health care law — a practice ethics specialists have said is anything from a legal stretch to a shakedown for cash.”

Basically what is happening is that Kathleen Sebelius, the woman in charge of implementing and enforcing ObamaCare, is seeking donations from private companies to fund the implementation of ObamaCare on behalf of a non-profit group called Enroll America. According to an insurance industry official, this administration has created an “air of expectation” that insurers will contribute to this nonprofit group. Many people, including yours truly, see this as nothing more than the government intimidating private companies into funding ObamaCare by (among other things) using the high-power nature of Sebelius' role.

In fact, if you will remember back to the time that ObamaCare was being passed, many people pointed out that the language of ObamaCare essentially establishes the Health and Human Services Secretary (currently Kathleen Sebelius) as one of the most powerful people in America. According to the American Spectator, there are over 2,500 references to the HHS secretary in ObamaCare, 139 of which leave key decisions to be determined by the Secretary herself. In other words, one of the most powerful people in America is “asking” private companies to fund the law she is in charge of implementing. What if these companies don't want to comply? Well what's to stop our government from somehow targeting them? As we've seen in the IRS scandal, it's not the first time our government has used its power to target “enemies.” I'm not saying that's what's happening, but it's not impossible to fathom.

The on-coming failures associated with ObamaCare are almost overwhelming to keep up with. It seems as though every day we read stories about how our healthcare quality is going to get worse and our costs are going to increase under ObamaCare. That is exactly the opposite of what we were promised, though it is not surprising to any of us who were fighting against ObamaCare from the beginning. We knew this was coming. Many tea partiers and others worked tirelessly to stop it. Yet here it is ... all of our predictions and fears are becoming reality and even some liberals are beginning to recognize that they've manufactured an utter train-wreck.

I've done this before, but I'll do it again. Below are a collection of stories from just the last few days about failures we can expect with ObamaCare. In honor of the White House, we will call this our Friday document dump. Are you ready?

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By the way, if you ask the White House about the brewing Kathleen Sebelius scandal, Jay Carney would put that in the category of asking about the President's birth certificate.