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Shutdown Day 4

The partial government shutdown drags on, and it looks like it will continue at least through the weekend. The shutdown has also coincided with the pathetic roll-out of the ObamaCare exchanges.

The failure of these exchanges to properly work should be an embarrassment to this nation and it should worry every person who thinks that a government that can’t adequately set up websites in three years will do a great job handling your healthcare. We’ve seen glitches galore, we’ve seen information not being properly protected and we’ve also seen how few Americans are actually enrolling in these exchanges. It’s a joke.

This week in Washington has demonstrated the liberals’ dedication to big government and incompetence. Why they insist on imposing this train wreck known as ObamaCare on the American people is beyond me. They blindly propagate only the benefits while completely ignoring the consequences (intended and unintended). The administration picks the winners and losers of who will actually be forced to endure the true consequences of ObamaCare, putting political expediency ahead of average Americans and, not to mention, the rule of law.

But none of this matters because, in the words of the White House, they are “winning.” A quote from a senior administration official reads: "We are winning...It doesn't really matter to us" how long the shutdown lasts "because what matters is the end result." There you go, America! That’s what the administration really thinks. It doesn’t care about the shutdown or the effects of ObamaCare because “they are winning.” No compromising. No negotiations. All that matters is that Democrats “win” and get their precious ObamaCare AND fund the federal government without any negotiation on spending or taxes.

According to brand new polling from Fox News: “A quarter of voters blame ‘Republican leaders such as John Boehner’ (25 percent) for the shutdown and about the same number point the finger at President Obama (24 percent). Some 17 percent blame ‘Tea Party Republicans such as Ted Cruz.’ Just 8 percent blame ‘Democratic leaders such as Harry Reid.’ Another 20 percent think all of them are responsible for the shutdown.” It’s also important to note that a majority of Americans (54%) want to see all or part of ObamaCare repealed. Do you hear that, Democrats? Do you hear that, Barack Obama? The American people do not want your law. Yet when the Republicans stand up for the American people and do everything in their law-abiding power to stop it, this makes them “anarchists.” They are waging “jihad.” They are acting like 5 year olds, as Robert Gibbs said this morning.

Harry Reid this morning has called for civility and decorum in Washington. On the floor of the Senate, Reid said, “I’ll work harder and I hope my senators will work to their best to maintain these habits of civility and decorum.” He’s one to talk, Mr. Why-Would-We-Fund-Kids-With-Cancer?

Despite Harry Reid’s mea culpa, Republicans can and should continue to expect that Barack Obama, the Democrats and the Obama-mania media will do everything they can to blame conservatives. Nonetheless, I maintain that Republicans need to hold the line. This issue of ObamaCare is too big and it is too important. Our issues related to spending are too big and too important. Somebody has to force the liberals to come to the table and take a long, hard look at the realities of what we are facing. America is already projected to not be able to keep up with its current obligations long-term, and adding ObamaCare into the mix only makes things worse.