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Standing up to the liberal media

Sean has spent a lot of time over the last few weeks leading the charge to protect Americans right to bear arms and, late last week, he praised Putnam county officials in New York who’re standing up to the liberal media’s requests for more information on those with gun licenses. Recently, Sean was joined by Putnam County Executive Mary Ellen O’Dell and County Clerk Dennis Sant to discuss the county’s refusal to grant The Journal News’ requests for all those who hold gun licenses within the county.

“Our first reaction is that this request was a huge invasion of privacy,” explained O’Dell, “We realized there would be way too much exposure.” “Ultimately, we’re trying to keep people out of harm’s way,” added Sant, “We’re hearing from non-gun owners as well as gun owners who are proud that we’ve done this.” “This was a very brave decision,” praised Hannity, “It was also the right one, very nice job.”

The liberal media is quick to “expose” gun owners and try to paint them as right-wing extremists but, as County Clerk Sant reminded us during the interview with Sean, there are countless gun permit holders who have serious restraining orders against potential harm doers and are in hiding. Now, because of the ignorance of The Journal News and other media outlets, those people are clinging to the one peace they have to protect themselves from harm’s way, namely their gun.

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