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Standing with Cruz

After speaking for over 21 hours, Senator Ted Cruz has energized America with his courage of conviction in standing with the American people on the issue of ObamaCare.

Call it a filibuster, call it a speech, whatever you want to label it, Ted Cruz and his conservative colleagues have captured the spotlight and the hearts of conservatives who feel as though Washington is no longer listening to us and no longer willing to fight on the issues that truly matter.

Yesterday at 2:41pm Senator Ted Cruz began speaking on the issue of ObamaCare. He said that he would speak until he could no longer stand, and that's exactly what he did. While I have no doubt he could have continued to speak (he asked for the time to do so), Senate rules cut him off at noon today. When millions of Americans awoke this morning, I'm sure many (especially in Washington and in the liberal media) were surprised to see Cruz still standing. For those of us who know Ted Cruz, we were not. Unfortunately for us conservatives, Ted Cruz is the exception and not the norm in Washington and among Republicans.

Fortunately he did have help throughout the night. Republican Senators Lee, Sessions, Rubio, Paul, Inhofe, Enzi, Risch, Roberts, and Vitter supported Cruz in his efforts. Though you will note that this is only nine Senators (ten if you count Cruz). It's a shame that every single Republican Senator in Washington (46) wasn't on the Senate floor over the last 21 hours to support Ted Cruz in doing what they said they would do: Defund ObamaCare. Ted Cruz shined a giant spotlight on Republicans who are not living up to their promises to do everything in their power to get rid of ObamaCare.

Cruz and his colleagues took the time to shine a spotlight on the plight of millions of Americans who are losing their jobs, seeing their hours cut, losing their insurance or seeing costs rise as a result of ObamaCare. Those stories, the story of America, is what was voiced on the floor of the Senate over the last 21+ hours. As well as a few other humorous moments such as Senator Cruz reading “Green Eggs and Ham” or quoting Ashton Kutcher or Star Wars. He also read tweets from those of you who made #MakeDCListen, #KeepCruzing, #StandWithCruz, #DefundObamacare the most popular trending hastags on Twitter for hours. He even engaged with Democrats such as Dick Durbin who wanted to challenge Cruz on the merits of ObamaCare. If you watched, you are well aware of how that turned out for Dick Durbin …

Conservatives have been waiting, pleading for this type of leadership to emerge in Washington DC. Naturally this comes at a price for Ted Cruz.

The name-calling ratcheted up, though he's probably used to that by now. He's been called a terrorist, a narcissist, a fraud and an embarrassment. He's been compared to Hitler and McCarthy. I would argue that the more name-calling that occurs and the more ridiculous the comparisons become, the more Cruz's message is resonating. If standing up for the American people makes one a terrorist, then maybe we need more of them in Washington? Doesn't that sound ridiculous? What the pundits and the DC elite can't stand is the fact that Cruz doesn't care what you call him because he knows what he stands for is right. He's principled in his convictions and willing to actually fight for what he says he will do. That's virtually unheard of in Washington and it is why Americans are so fed up with Washington.

Other accusations included that Cruz was only doing this to raise money from the Tea Party. That's according to Harry Reid. If standing up for your campaign promises garners you support, then perhaps other politicians in Washington should try it some time!

Then there was the attempt of the Obama-mania media to downplay Cruz's stand. They squabbled over the fact that this wasn't technically a filibuster (who cares? And by the way, check out the media double-standard on that one). They tried to pretend that nobody was really paying attention to what Cruz was doing (did they see Twitter all day and night?). Then there's the fact that the newspapers didn't even bother to put Cruz on the front page, virtually ignoring his efforts. Sometimes what do DON'T cover is just as telling as what you DO cover or the way you cover it.

But what most people fail to realize is that this isn't about Ted Cruz. In fact, while the issue of ObamaCare was the catalyst for this discussion, it wasn't even really about ObamaCare. The Twitter hashtag chosen by Cruz and his staff says it all: Make DC listen. That's what Ted Cruz was really trying to do. He was trying to point out the fact that DC has become so isolated from the people that they are no longer even pretending to try and do what the people want. DC lawmakers have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around. For too long, politicians in Washington get so enamored by their cushy jobs and cocktail parties that they forget that they are there to represent US. They lose the will to fight for what's right, and the sad part is that for too long they've been able to get away with it. That is our fault. We keep sending these people to Washington. What Ted Cruz has done is picked an issue that most people are upset about (ObamaCare) and called out lawmakers who claimed they would do something about it but then didn't have the stomach to do so when the time arrived. That's it!

When it comes down to it, Ted Cruz is not playing the tired, cumbersome game that Washington has designed. The game has been designed to reward those who are there the longest and to obfuscate from the American people. That's not what the American people want from Washington and Ted Cruz clearly doesn't want that from Washington either.