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Steven Crowder sucker punched at Union protest

Steven Crowder, who joined Sean on the NewsMaker Hotline, was beat up early today in Lansing, Michigan while covering the story of the state's new right-to-work laws.

The Right to Work position is that regular people who begin a job, have the choice to opt out of the unions and not be subjected to paying the thousands of dollars required by the unions and
their annual dues.

This would benefit employees who do not make a lot of money, like some school teachers, because they would not be forced to pay into a union.

The right to work gives people freedom, and those who oppose it are afraid that they will lose control over the funds that they are able to highjack and use to fund special interests.

Shortly after the Michigan legislature officially passed right-to-work legislation, disgruntled union members were caught tearing down an Americans for Prosperity (AFP) tent filled with people
outside the Michigan Capitol. Conservative comedian and Fox News Contributor Steven Crowder witnessed the tent trashing. Crowder told Sean that he was punched so many times, that he is black
and blue and has a chipped tooth.

Crowder added that he was afraid of the mob mentality that he saw in the union protests today. Crowder confirmed via twitter that the tent belonged to the Michigan chapter of Americans for
Prosperity, and that there were women and children inside the tent when the union members tore it down. For more information you can follow Crowder on twitter @scrowder.

UPDATE: A video released by Steven Crowder this afternoon backs up Crowder’s claims that he was assaulted by union members protesting. In the video Crowder is attacked by two separate union members. A third shouts at him that he has a gun and he’s “killed plenty of motherf**kers with a gun.”