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Suddenly, We Will Survive

First let's set the stage. Over the last week, President Panic has been saying that if Republicans didn't agree to close tax loopholes and deductions for rich people, then the following catastrophic consequences would occur:

- We're going to have to choose between cutting support for poor children and disabled children

- Our military readiness would be jeopardized

- Job-creating investments in education, energy and medical research would be “eviscerated”

- Emergency responders wouldn't be able to respond and recover from disasters

- Border patrol agents would see their hours reduced

- FBI agents would be furloughed

- Federal prosecutors would have to close cases and let criminals go

- Airport security lines would be outrageously long because air traffic controllers and airport security would see cut backs

- Thousands of teachers and educators would be laid off

- Tens of thousands of parents would have to scramble to find childcare for their kids

- Hundreds of thousands of Americans would lose access to preventive care and primary care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings

- Students won't be able to afford college because of cuts to student loans

- Teachers and aides in Ohio would lose millions of dollars in funding to help children with disabilities

- Thousands of children in Georgia would lose access to vaccinations

- Thousands of disadvantaged and vulnerable children in New York would lose access to child care

Meanwhile, Obama's “independent” friends at Organizing for Action is sending out emails saying that seniors will go hungry and homeless veterans may end up back on the streets if sequestration isn't stopped.

After all of that, suddenly President Panic has changed his tune. Last night, Barack Obama painted a very different picture for The Business Council in Washington. He is now saying, "This is not a cliff, but it is a tumble downward." That's a far cry from the apocalyptic doom that he and his Democrat cohorts have been screaming. Even the New York Times reports, “President Obama’s team concedes that the almost certain arrival of across-the-board budget cuts on Friday will not immediately produce the politically dramatic layoffs and airport delays that the administration has been warning about for days.”

What happened? What happened is that the White House finally came to terms with the fact that the sequester is inevitable and now has to do damage control, knowing that it will reflect poorly on their credibility when all of these threats don't come to fruition. So now they are back-tracking. Will the American people even notice that they've been played by the White House and Democrats in Washington?