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Susan Rice Get Promoted

Today we received stunning news that UN Ambassador Susan Rice is being promoted to White House national security adviser. This is in light of surprising news that current White House national security adviser Tom Donilon is stepping down. With Rice's position at the United Nations opening up, former White House aide and human rights advocate Samantha Power will be nominated to be our next ambassador to the United Nations.

All of these names are in some way associated with controversy. Clearly Susan Rice is a controversial figure, considering her role in the parroting of false talking points related to the terrorist attack in Benghazi. It is an absolute fact that Susan Rice misled the American public and the world when she went on five Sunday talk shows to blame the attack on a YouTube video. Did she know that was a false narrative? If she didn't, does she know who came up with that false story? These are questions we still don't know, and now we may never know because Rice's promotion does not require her to face a Senate confirmation hearing. She essentially could be shielded from testimony on the issue of Benghazi.

The reaction to Rice's promotion has been mixed. Many people, including myself, see this as nothing more than a thumb in the eye or a slap in the face from this administration. They seem to be in the habit of promoting people who are somehow steeped in controversy. Another example that comes to mind is Sarah Hall Ingram, the former head of the IRS' tax-exempt division who is now in charge of the IRS' ObamaCare office.

On MSNBC this morning, it was discussed that Obama “owed” this job to Rice for taking the heat on the Benghazi talking points. Tina Brown said, “I think he felt he owed her this even more, that he wanted to do this and she was trashed on his behalf .. She behaved eloquently over that and didn’t whine about it and did it with fortitude — and now she gets her reward.” So what I'm hearing is that if you lie to the American people, and you can stand the heat, then you will be rewarded by this administration.

Then we have Samantha Power to be nominated to replace Susan Rice at the United Nations. You'll remember that she came under controversy during the 2008 campaign when she called Hillary Clinton a “monster.” I guess that's the type of person Obama wants representing America to the rest of the world.

And then another interesting question: Why is Tom Donilon suddenly leaving now?

The whole thing reeks of something, but I can't quite put my finger on the smell. It has definitely done one thing: Taken the spotlight off the moving testimony yesterday by those who were targeted by the IRS. Suddenly their stories are no longer the headlines. While Rice's promotion dredges up the Benghazi scandal for this administration, perhaps Obama realizes that this is the lesser of all the evils facing this administration at this point. It's hard to know, honestly.

Here's one final thought I want you to think about: How do you feel knowing that Susan Rice is essentially in charge of our national security?