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Taking America's Temperature

According to a new Associated Press-GfK survey out today, Barack Obama's approval rating has plummeted to just 37%. Now if you just read the headlines or even the beginning of most news stories citing this poll, they would focus on the GOP being blamed for the shutdown. But the fact remains that Democrats are not far behind when it comes to the blame game, and Americans are clearly not all that impressed with Obama. This is not working out as the Democrats planned.

A brand new Gallup poll released this week finds that Americans' confidence in our economy has fallen 12 points since the government shutdown. This is the lowest level seen since the financial collapse of 2008. So the Obama-Reid shutdown is causing Americans to feel less enthusiastic about our economic future. Why would they? Democrats in Washington refuse to fund the government, and they want to force ObamaCare down our throats, which is having a negative impact on the economy. They see that Democrats are unwilling to negotiate on our debt limit and our spending, yet Americans know that we cannot continue down this path.

What do Americans feel is the biggest problem facing our nation? A dysfunctional Washington! Gallup polling shows that the number of Americans stating that dysfunction in Washington is the biggest problem we face has more than doubled in just one month; At 33%, this number represents the highest rate in 74 years.

A brand new Rasmussen poll finds that nearly half of Americans (49%) believe the Founding Fathers would see America today as a failure. Only 34% believe America would be considered a success. That's a pretty telling stat – Are we on a down-hill slide toward becoming a country we won't even recognize? Are we living in and working towards the America that was envision at its outset? Apparently not. So the question becomes: What do we do about this? I'd say there are only a select few in Washington right now who are fighting to protect our Constitution.