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Thankful for...ObamaCare?

There is virtually nothing that the Left isn't willing to politicize, and that includes holidays. Obama's Organizing for America is trying to make ObamaCare a part of your Thanksgiving celebration. They are encouraging Americans to discuss ObamaCare talking points around the dinner table.

There's no doubt that ObamaCare may be a point of discussion amongst families, but not for the reason Obama propagandists would like. Millions of Americans are facing the prospect of lost coverage, losing their doctors or re-working their budgets to account for the increased price of premiums. Americans may be consuming turkey this Thanksgiving, but they aren't buying OFA's ObamaCare baloney.

Do have any idea where the president is right now? He is out West, in Hollywood and elsewhere, fundraising for Democrats. With all of the troubles he is facing and a new self-imposed ObamaCare deadline looming, it's a bit absurd that this is what the president has time for. Remember last week when he couldn't attend a commemoration for the 150th anniversary for the Gettysburg address? Obama finds time for what is convenient and what he wants to do, but not necessarily for what is always best for the country.

Obama's trip out West is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the real failures of his administration. If you'll notice, he's still trying (and failing) to push immigration reform to the forefront of the conversation. The Hill points out the White House has apparently attempted to pivot – for the fifth time this year – to the economy. It notes that this is a transparent attempt to shift the focus from ObamaCare and the disastrous rollout of the exchanges.

This isn't going to stop the ObamaCare coverage right around the corner, which the president knows will not be favorable. If you will recall, the administration set a self-imposed deadline of November 30th for the federal exchange site to be fully functional. That simply will not be the case. The administration has already admitted that it will not “work perfectly.” Now the standard is that the website will be better than it was two months ago. That's not saying a lot, nor does that comport with the administration's promise. In order to meet their targets, the administration needs millions of Americans to sign up for insurance. But the best the website will be able to handle at this time is 50,000 users. The rest will be forced into virtual waiting rooms.

Couple the website issues with reports like this that continue to emerge: “Almost 80 million people with employer health plans could find their coverage canceled because they are not compliant with ObamaCare, several experts predicted … Stan Veuger of the American Enterprise Institute said that in addition to the individual cancellations, 'at least half the people on employer plans would by 2014 start losing plans as well.' There are approximately 157 million employer health care policy holders.”

That number varies. Some estimates put that number as high as 100 million. The fact remains that millions of Americans will be losing employer-based coverage in the coming year. It will happen, so long as ObamaCare remains in place. How Democrats and the Obama administration plan to cope with that PR nightmare remains to be seen.

But the failed rollout of ObamaCare, and the prospect that things may only get worse, has led to a dramatic shift in the polls. A brand new CNN/ORC International poll finds the following:

Democrats a month ago held a 50%-42% advantage among registered voters in a generic ballot, which asked respondents to choose between a Democrat or Republican in their congressional district without identifying the candidates … But the Democratic lead has disappeared. A new CNN/ORC poll indicates the GOP now holds a 49%-47% edge … The turnaround in the CNN/ORC poll follows similar shifts in recent national surveys from Quinnipiac University and Fox News.

The trend is clear: ObamaCare has caused Americans to lose faith in Democrats who unilaterally rammed it down our throats.

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