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The Anointed One: Hillary?

There have been quite a few Republicans who have started to lay the groundwork for a 2016 presidential bid. If you are paying attention, it’s pretty easy to see who is visiting states like Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina. But I dare say that you haven’t seen the mainstream media clamoring to anoint any one of them as the 2016 presidential nominee (unless you are Chris Matthews who thinks he’s got everything figured out and that Rand Paul will be the GOP nominee). The only person who seems to really be gaining attention is Senator Ted Cruz. But notice that this attention is not to prop him up as an excellent nominee, but rather to tear holes in his credibility. For example, Ted Cruz’s birth certificate and his college records have already become issues in the lapdog media. They know he is effective and they are doing their due diligence to mitigate him as a threat to the media’s selection for the presidency.

So who has the media selected? The overwhelming evidence right now seems to be Hillary Clinton. Here are just a few examples.

We have this documentary and mini-series to be produced by NBC and CNN, which has already caused a firestorm and calls of media bias.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, there was discussion of Hillary jumping into the race. Some think it is too soon and … potentially not good for Obama. If you will recall, Hillary is engaging in this series of policy speeches, which many take as an indication that she is quietly starting his campaign for president. But if she basically starts the campaign now, will people suffer from Hillary fatigue? Also, if Hillary starts to look more credible than Obama while dealing with policy issues, how will that effect things in Washington between now and the election?

In the Wall Street Journal over the weekend, an article critiquing these policy speeches I just mentioned starts: “Hillary Clinton began her 2016 march to the White House last week …”

The Wall Street Journal is also noting that Hillary Clinton could face a formidable foe (at least in his own mind) of Joe Biden.

So what is an ambitious Democrat to do if the 2016 race already seems to be such a lock? As Byron York wrote this morning: Campaign for veep.