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The Democrat Plan

Republicans could do something right now, if they were smart about it. They need to hijack the use of the term “balanced.” The amazing part about the Democrats is their message discipline. Already in discussions about the Senate budget proposal we hear the word “balanced” used repeatedly. Yet if you actually look at their plan, it doesn't even balance the budget. Ever! In fact, Barack Obama himself says that his goal is not a balanced budget!

Instead, they've erected this false idea of balance: Tax increases and spending cuts. Instead, the “balance” should be between limited government and pro-growth tax policies that lead our nation to not only a balanced budget but to prosperity as well. We no longer have to accept the idea that something is “balanced” only if it includes tax increases.

But let me say something about this, because I am already seeing it happening again. Republicans, right now, need to challenge Democrats in their language on tax increases. Already we have Democrat Rep. Chris Van Hollen emphasizing the fact that their budget does not raise tax rates. However, their plan does raise taxes by $1 trillion! That money has to come from somewhere, even if it is not a raise in income tax rates. In other words, we cannot let Democrats pull the wool over the eyes of the American people by pandering to their ignorance of our tax system. For example, income tax rates didn't have to rise for many Americans in 2013 for them to realize that their taxes still increased, because of the payroll tax increase. While their “rates” didn't change, their taxes still increased. The same will happen by closing loopholes and deductions. Democrats will use sneaky language to paint their plan as reasonable, when they are still talking about an addition $1 trillion tax hike that will affect this nation. What they won't tell you is that this won't even make a dent in reducing our debt and deficit. So we are stuck with high taxes and more government spending. That's not my vision for America.

Because Republicans are unwilling to support this $1 trillion tax hike, Barack Obama is already saying that "we're probably not going to be able to get a deal" if Republicans continue to refuse tax increases. So much for that olive branch of compromise …