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The Distraction

There is no doubt that Syria has dominated the headlines for the better part of a few weeks. This is for good reason – It's not every day that our president launches a full-court PR press advocating for military strikes against a nation that poses no imminent threat to our national security.

But before we know it, the month of September will end and this means two very important things: A continuing resolution to fund the government must pass by September 30th and the ObamaCare exchanges go into effect on October 1st. There is news today on the push to defund ObamaCare.

There was a massive ObamaCare/Tea Party rally today on Capitol Hill. The rally was to exempt Americans from ObamaCare, just as the administration has exempted big labor, Washington and Congress. But the fact remains that many Republicans mysteriously cling to a reluctance to defund ObamaCare through the continuing resolution. As a conservative, I find this upsetting. Virtually every Republican in Washington today ran on the idea of getting rid of ObamaCare. Now that they are presented with a credible plan to do so, they shy away. This isn't what we sent these people to Washington to do and I'm glad that Tea Partiers are willing to call them out on this. A handful of lawmakers in Washington are willing to fight this battle. Those attending today's rally included Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul, Congressmen Paul Broun, Steve King and Louie Gohmert.

Conservative blogger Erick Erickson explains the House GOP's latest move to defund ObamaCare … but not really. He explains that Eric Cantor intends to pass two continuing resolutions: One that defunds ObamaCare and one that does not. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens when these are sent to the Senate: The Senate will pass the CR including funding for ObamaCare and leave the other resolution to die.

The fact that these Republicans are so afraid to fight on this issue of ObamaCare tells me that they don't have what it takes to stand up for conservative principles in Washington.