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The Hannity Jobs Program, Weiner's Greedy Government

By Jeffrey Lord

In the tax debate that is ongoing, yesterday Sean Hannity took a call from a listener who was demanding to know how many jobs Hannity created. Hannity replied by reeling off the names of people connected directly to his radio and television shows… Elisha, Linda, Sweet Baby James etc.

VIDEO: Sean battles Rep. Anthony Weiner on "Hannity"

But there's something else at work here that seems to have escaped the listener's attention. I listen to "The Sean Hannity Show" at 3 p.m. in the afternoon on WSBA Newsradio, which broadcasts from York, Pennsylvania, at 910 on the AM dial. Out of curiosity this morning, I called WSBA's program director Jim Horn and asked an obvious question:

Does WSBA make money from airing "The Sean Hannity Show"?

Answer from Jim: Yes.

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