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The Hillary Papers

Is Hillary Clinton the inevitable Democratic nominee for president in 2016? After losing the nomination in 2008, anyone should be suspect of the word “inevitable” in politics.

The Washington Free Beacon has gone through newly available archives of Hillary Clinton's best friend, shedding light on the way Hillary candidly thinks, reacts and operates. The friend, Diane Blair, passed away in 2000 and was described as Hillary's “closest friend.” She kept records of their relationship in her diaries and she kept correspondence and strategy memos dating back to the mid-1970s. The documents were donated to the University of Arkansas Special Collections library and were unpublished until recently, though some of the documents still remain closed to the public.

You can read the Washington Free Beacon's assessment of the files here, but it describes them as follows: “The records paint a complex portrait of Hillary Clinton, revealing her to be a loyal friend, devoted mother, and a cutthroat strategist who relished revenge against her adversaries and complained in private that nobody in the White House was 'tough and mean enough.'”

It goes on to break down the contents of the documents into certain categories, such as “The Sex Files,” “All Those Whiny Women,” “You Are Entering a World of Pain,” “Single-payer Necessary,” and more.

In “The Sex Files” Blair reveals how Hillary handled the Monica Lewinsky scandal: “She said her husband had made a mistake by fooling around with the 'narcissistic loony toon' Lewinsky, but was driven to it in part by his political adversaries, the loneliness of the presidency, and her own failures as a wife.”

It goes on to recount the issues throughout the years that the Clintons have had to try and manage regarding Bill's relationships. While the Clintons adopted a public strategy of pretending as though these issues did not bother them, Hillary didn't realize the toll this was taking on Bill.

On the policy front, Blair reveals perhaps Hillary's true feelings on healthcare: “On Feb. 23, 1993, Blair joined the Clintons for a family dinner at the White House. The subject of health care reform came up. 'At dinner, [Hillary] to [Bill] at length on the complexities of health care—thinks managed competition a crock; single-payer necessary; maybe add to Medicare,' Blair wrote.”

This paragraph kind of sums things up: “'She keeps trying to shape things up, knows what’s wrong, but [Bill] can’t fire people, exert discipline, punish leakers,' Blair wrote on May 17, 1994. 'Never had strategy for Whitewater, troopers, Paula [Jones]. … Inability to organize, make tough choices, drives her nuts.'” What these papers reveal is a woman who is very aware of the political strategy it takes to get things done and her frustration that no one is tough or mean enough to accomplish those tasks.