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The Leadership Vacuum

As we've talked about the 100 day mark of Obama's second term, there seems to be a growing theme among those discussions: Obama is a failed leader who has lost his mojo. When asked during a press conference the other day whether he had “lost of his juice,” Obama responded, “Golly, maybe I should just pack up and go home.” Mr. President, I'll help you!

Ron Fournier in the National Journal writes, Obama Channels Clinton’s Worst Day in Office, Raises Doubts About Relevancy: “Even if you concede to Obama every point of his Tuesday news conference, a president looks weak and defeated when he shifts accountability to forces out of his control.”

Daniel Henniger in the Wall Street Journal writes, “What an uncertain world needs now is American presidential leadership. Instead, it's getting presidential followership.”

But Obama was supposed to be the Anointed One. His election was supposed to be “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal.” He himself has bragged that he is a better speech writer than his speech writers, he knows more about policies than his own policy directors, and he is a better political director than his political directors. The lapdog media fell for this, calling him the smartest president ever and that he had to take a step down just to become our president.

With all of this hubris and hype, what does Obama really have to show for it? Our economy is abysmal and his signature legislative victory – ObamaCare – is falling apart before our very eyes. Even Democrats are conveniently pushing back on ObamaCare. Couple that with the fact that no Democrats have clamored to sponsor Obama's budget proposal, and they themselves couldn't muster enough support to pass gun control legislation.

Without Obama as a true effective leader for the Democrats, who do they have left? Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi, who is the most unpopular person in Washington? This lack of leadership has led them to the blame game. They can't publicly say that Obama has failed because this would look bad for Democrats, so they turn to … the Tea Party! Harry Reid doubled down on his comments last week about the Tea Party. He continues to compare them to anarchists. He says, “We can’t get things done. They don’t want anything to happen in government. We pass laws. They fight funding the laws we pass. They don’t want government to work. I want it to work.” The Tea Party didn't kill gun control, Democrats did. The Tea Party didn't propose sequestration, Barack Obama did. The Tea Party didn't force Obama to produce a ridiculous budget. The Tea Party wants effective, Constitutional things to get done in Washington. But since the Democrats themselves are lacking leadership and the ability to pass their agenda, they will blame it on the convenient scapegoat: The Tea Party. Unfortunately, Republicans aren't much better at responding.