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The Politics of Immigration

Since yesterday we've come to learn more details of the latest deal that has been struck in the Senate on immigration reform. I told you about the Hoeven-Corker amendment, which was being crafted in order to enhance border security. However, we have since come to learn that this enhanced border security does NOT coincide with a trigger for further reform. In other words, it promises that we will secure the border but there is nothing holding them accountable in doing so because legalization will commence regardless of the status of border security.

I have one message: Thanks, but no thanks.

With the help of Democrats, and with input from Barack Obama, they managed to draft this border security amendment. My question is this: Why are Democrats so reluctant NOT to tie border security to legalization? Have you thought about that? The only answer I can really come up with is that they know that they will not be forced to comply with the border security aspect of the bill, if those triggers are not in place. Their real goal is simply legalization. So that leads to the next question: Why? Why are Democrats so insistent on legalization and a path to citizenship? There is really only one answer in my opinion: Future Democrat voters. Democrats do not seem interested in solving the problem of illegal immigration; They seem interested in gaining the political upper hand.

But I've got news for you: No matter what happens with this current immigration bill, the Democrats likely have the political upper hand. Why do I say that? Well, if the immigration bill passes as the Gang of Eight, Democrats and the White House would like it, then the legalization process begins and these folks eventually become voters and who do you think they will likely be supporting in elections? Democrats. If the current immigration legislation doesn't pass, then this helps Democrats in the 2014 election. This is for a few reasons. One reason is that it will help Democrats paint the picture that Republicans are bigots, they are anti-immigrant, etc. You name it, they will be able to pigeonhole Republicans on this issue and paint the picture for the voters. It will be difficult for Republicans to disprove a negative, just like it always is in politics. The other reason is that this plays perfectly into the Democrat strategy for 2014, which I've told you about for months now. The Democrat strategy is to paint the Republicans, especially in the House, as a radical body that is in chaos and incapable of getting things done. You can already see the lapdog media planting those seeds. A piece in the Politico last night is called “The dysfunctional House.” The way this immigration debate is shaping up, Democrats will get the narrative they are already working to build.

At the rate we are going, it is likely that this bill will pass in the Senate and it may pass by as many as 70 votes. So then we get to the House, where John Boehner has pledged that he won't bring a bill to the floor if it doesn't have a majority of support. What kind of bill is going to get a majority of support in the House? Since Republicans are in charge, it will be a bill that secures the border first and then focuses on the next step once that has been achieved. So what other possibility could there be? The issue could end up in a conference committee, which would likely result in a watered-down amnesty bill. In that case, politically, nobody really wins and we've done little to make this country safer and to actually reform our immigration policy for the better. If that happens, we will be sitting here having this same argument in a few years. Do any of you want that? I know I don't.

Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are actively working to defeat the Gang of Eight legislation. Ted Cruz has launched an online petition, demanding real border security.