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The time has come

The time has come for conservatives to defund ObamaCare.

Republicans in the House have voted over 30 times to repeal ObamaCare, but with Democrats in control of the Senate and the presidency, it's impossible to see how that will make impact. Yesterday on the program, Senator Ted Cruz called these votes meaningless. Republicans need to be realistic about the power that they do have; Republicans control the House, which means they control the purse strings. This means that their power lies in their ability to strip funding from ObamaCare.

Twelve Senators, led by conservative rising stars Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, have sent a letter to Harry Reid saying that they will not vote for any spending bill that funds ObamaCare. Part of the letter reads, “If the administration will not enforce the law as written, then the American people should not be forced to fund it.” More than a quarter of Republicans in the House sent a similar letter to John Boehner saying that a vote to fund the government shouldn't happen unless that bill does not include funding for ObamaCare.

If every Republican in Congress (House and Senate) supported the effort to defund ObamaCare, then it is possible. But just like anything in Washington, it's not that easy. There are some Republicans who will likely view the idea with a healthy dose of skepticism. I can't blame them. There's no doubt that taking a stand to defund ObamaCare will be met with the full force of a hysterical Democrat PR campaign. You thought the hyperbole over sequestration was bad? Wait until you try and defund their biggest legislative victory in decades. More grannies will be pushed off cliffs. All children, not just the poor and disabled children, will be forced to fend for themselves. And don't forget that the administration has brought race into the issue, comparing opponents of ObamaCare to opponents of civil rights legislation. It will be ugly. But we didn't send these people to Washington to lie down in the face of false, hyperbolic PR campaigns. We sent them to Washington to stand for conservative principles. You can read this WSJ opinion piece on the unworkability of ObamaCare that was written by Republican Governors Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker. The bottom line is that this is not good for the country and flies in the face of virtually every conservative principle as it relates to government.

Republicans are willing to offer up a spending bill to fund the rest of the government, just not ObamaCare. If that's the case, and Democrats refuse to accept it, then it will be the Democrats who would be shutting down the government over ObamaCare. However, I doubt that is how the Obama-mania media will report it.

The time has come for Republicans in Congress to support the defunding of ObamaCare, and if you don't then you deserve to be primaried.