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The Train Wreck Rambles Onward

People who have actually enrolled in ObamaCare have been labeled “urban legends” – They are said to exist, but nobody can actually find them. But what isn't legend is the difficulty for millions of Americans to secure coverage. What isn't legend is the effect ObamaCare is having on businesses, hours, jobs and the economy. What isn't legend is the fact that costs are rising.

We have the latest round-up of ObamaCare failures, right here:

- You know it's bad when you've lost the New York Times: “For the past 12 days, a system costing more than $400 million and billed as a one-stop click-and-go hub for citizens seeking health insurance has thwarted the efforts of millions to simply log in. The growing national outcry has deeply embarrassed the White House, which has refused to say how many people have enrolled through the federal exchange.” (NYTimes)

- And Washington Post's Ezra Klein: Thus Far, Obamacare is a ‘Big Failure’ (NRO)

- ObamaCare's Serious Complications: For the IRS alone, implementing the law involves 47 different statutory provisions. (WSJ)

- Why Is Obama Hiding ObamaCare Enrollment Data? (Investors Business Daily)

- Obamacare deductibles a dose of sticker shock: Insurance companies requiring higher out-of-pocket expenses to comply with new rules (Chicago Tribune)

- Only 2 People Attend 'Obamacare and You!' Event in South Carolina (The Weekly Standard)

- An Obamacare ‘navigator’ in Kansas has outstanding arrest warrant (The Daily Caller)

- ObamaCare mandate could lead (union) Washington grocery workers to picket line (Fox News)

- ObamaCare rates trigger more sticker shock (Fox News)

- Obamacare: Don't trust anyone over 60? Mandatory health coverage could be the catalyst for a new generational war. (LA Times)

- Two Weeks Later, Reporter Still Can't Sign Up for Obamacare (Weekly Standard)

Why this administration wouldn't even consider a delay of the individual mandate defies logic. But then again, we are dealing with liberals.