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The Ugly Polls

A lot of polling has been released this week, and it doesn't look good for nearly anyone in Washington, particularly Barack Obama.

Let's start with the president. According to the latest Quinnipiac University polling, Obama's approval rating has hit an all-time low. Obama's disapproval rating has hit 54%, with just 39% approving of his handling of the presidency. But it gets even worse for the president. A majority of Americans (52%) believe that Obama is not honest or trustworthy. This echoes a similar poll conducted by Gallup which shows that the president's honesty and trustworthiness has dipped among the American public. That same Gallup poll found that Obama's image as a “strong and decisive” leader has dropped six points since September to just 47%.

Obamacare is causing headaches for red state Democrats seeking re-election. The Washington Post's Dana Milbank points out that North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan held a double digit lead among potential opponents just two months ago. Then the Obamacare rollout happened, hundreds of thousands lost their insurance in North Carolina, and Kay Hagan is now in a dead heat among potential challengers. She is not alone.

Congress overall is enjoying its lowest approval rating EVER since Gallup began tracking it 39 years ago. Only 9% of Americans approve of Congress in this moment. Whether it was the shutdown or the debt ceiling or Obamacare, what's clear is that Americans aren't too happy with Washington.