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"This Is Herman Cain"

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain joined Sean on the NewsMaker Hotline to discuss his new book, "This Is Herman Cain."

In his book, “This Is Herman Cain,” Cain describes how, as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, he transformed the company from one teetering on the verge of bankruptcy into a household word. Cain—as those with an interest in commonsense solutions to political problems will remember—is also famous for using the language and logic of everyday business to expose the fallacies inherent in Clinton assumptions about “Hillarycare” during a 1994 televised town hall meeting.

Cain’s rise is the embodiment of the American dream. In this highly recommended memoir, Herman Cain describes his past and present . . . and the future he is determined to create, a future that will put our country back on track. His message resonates because he describes the American reality, and his down-to-earth personal tale of hope and hard work is both unforgettable and inspirational. “This Is Herman Cain” has been added to the Hannity Book Club for the month of October.

You can pre-order Cain’s new book by clicking here.