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Throwing Grandma off the ObamaCare cliff

Barack Obama says that signing up for ObamaCare is “just part of growing up.” Unfortunately the grown up Democrats in DC are about to throw a temper tantrum.

Democrats have a tendency to engage in hyperbolic rhetoric in order to combat the GOP. They've claimed that Republicans want Americans to suffer with dirty air and dirty water. They've claimed that Republicans are waging a concerted war on women. They've also claimed that Republicans want to throw granny off a cliff. And who can forget the apocalyptic warnings we endured should sequestration go into effect.

Brace yourselves, because we are about to see the same childish hyperventilating when it comes to ObamaCare. Rather than defending the merits of ObamaCare, Democrats are going on the offensive to try and gin up fear over Republican ideas for healthcare.

According to Politico: “Democrats know their biggest problem in this year’s midterm election is ObamaCare. So top party operatives have settled on a strategy to try blunting the GOP’s advantage: Tell voters Republicans would make the problem worse — raising prescription drug prices, empowering insurance companies and even endangering domestic violence victims.”

They will also return to the idea that Republicans want to gut Medicare; it looks like granny will be tossed off a cliff once again. What Democrats won't tell you is that the very plan they voted for, ObamaCare, is the one that cuts Medicare.

Republicans need to be ready for this attack. Rather than engaging in fights over non-existent potentials, focus on the concrete impacts of the law we already have, which is ObamaCare. The GOP also needs to be solution-oriented, filling the ObamaCare vacuum with bold conservative solutions to healthcare. I happen to have some ideas listed here for my Conservative Solutions Caucus.