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Tonight's State of the Union

Tonight I will be attending Barack Obama's fifth State of the Union address as a guest of Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert. Can we expect Obama to say anything different or offer meaningful solutions for our nation?

Obama kickstarted his promise of using the “pen and phone” to legislate change. In almost a taunting manner, the White House announced this morning, ahead of his speech, that Obama will sign an executive order increasing the minimum wage for new federal contracts. The current wage of $7.25 will increase to $10.10. There are a few points to be made about this move.

- It seems as though Obama has finally found a promise that he is willing to stand by – use unilateral, unconstitutional actions to legislate changes he desires.

- This fits right in with his call to increase the national minimum wage, which will do nothing to mitigate the dreaded income inequality, nor will it create new jobs.

- Juxtapose this effort to increase wages of federal (union) contractors with the recent cut in military pensions.

While Obama tries to prove that he is serious about his threat to act unilaterally, it should be pointed out that a plurality of Americans are pessimistic about the rest of his term. A brand new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds, “Nearly six in 10 say they are uncertain, worried or pessimistic about what he will do with the remainder of his presidency.” Yesterday I told you how 63 percent of Americans do not have confidence in Obama to make the right decisions for the country, according to the Washington Post/ABC News. Americans no longer believe he is trustworthy or honest. They don't find him decisive or inspiring. In other words, he's a bad leader.

It's so bad that when former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was introduced this morning on MSNBC as a person who is no longer in the White House anymore, his response was “Thank God.” He then went on to point out that Obama stopped trying to change Washington a long time ago: "Well, I think, you know, the ability to change Washington, I think, is something that long ago the White House sort of stopped trying to do, and whether or not that is a good thing, we'll look back on history."

Whether or not Obama was trying to change Washington, the fact is that his presidency has basically been a failure, particularly when it comes to the economy and our “recovery.”

Recovery: Obama's “recovery” has been the worst since the Great Depression.

Income: Median household income in America has dropped on Obama's watch.

Poverty: One in six Americans now live in poverty, and nearly one in five of those are American children.

Jobs: The labor force participation rate is at its lowest level in 35 years, with fewer Americans working today than when Obama took office.

Food stamps: The number of Americans collecting food stamps has doubled under Obama to almost 50 million people.

Economic mobility: Obama's policies have not fostered any increase in economic mobility or economic opportunity.

Debt: We now have over $17 trillion in debt and $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities that we must one day pay.

ObamaCare: His chief legislative achievement was predicated on lies, it is negatively effecting our economy and jobs, and it is falling a part before our very eyes.

Economic Freedom: We continue to drop in terms of economic freedom because of burdensome government regulations and runaway government spending.

It's no wonder that Americans are pessimistic about the future of this nation!

While a record number of Americans (72 percent) consider big government to be the biggest threat to our nation, Obama's brilliant idea is to promise more big government solutions in a manner that perverts our constitution and pushes the bounds of his authority.

That begs the question: Do Americans even care what Obama has to say anymore and will they listen tonight?

Will they care what he has to say when he goes on another campaign tour immediately following the State of the Union address? He's going on a four-city tour to promote his agenda.

It's been five years of failing Obama policies. Making matters worse is his inability to claim ownership of the economy or his failed policies. Mix his reluctance to take responsibility with the fact that no one trusts him and you get a dangerous blend of disappointment and apathy. His speech tonight isn't likely to change that.