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Tragedy in Oklahoma

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones and property in Oklahoma over the last few days. Yesterday, a presumed EF-4 tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma. Its wind speeds were up to 200 mph, at some points it was up to 2 miles wide and the path stretched for about 20 miles. It is an unbelievable storm which has now claimed the lives of at least 24 people, nine of whom are children. The stories of children at the Plaza Towers elementary school being pulled out of the rubble, some not making it out alive or missing, are beyond heartbreaking.

You can help those affected by this horrible tragedy by contacting the American Red Cross or you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Unfortunately the tragedy has not escaped politicization.

Rhode Island Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse took to the Senate floor last night to blame Republicans and their denial of global warming. He essentially said that Republicans seeking federal aid for such disasters are the same ones who deny global warming exists and plays a hand in such disasters.

There was also a liberal comedian associated with the “Daily Show” who tweeted that this tornado “so clearly” had “been ordered to only target conservatives.” She later apologized for the remark.

To me, it goes to show the hyper-politicization of everything right now in this country. Even amidst tragedy, we cannot escape the need for political jabs.